Kaillera p2p client
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Latest file: kailleraclient.dll

Information & FAQ

Q: What is this?
A: It's a Kaillera client file for kaillera supported emulators that allows you to connect directly to your opponent to play.

Q: Why would I want to connect directly? Whats wrong with playing with normal client in kaillera servers?
A: There is nothing wrong with playing with normal client in kaillera servers. This is not a replacement for our good old trusty reliable kaillera. This is merely an extra option for users who wants to directly connect to their opponent's machine and play with half the response delay of playing in kaillera servers.

Q: This is stupid! Why would anyone ever want to have lower response delay?
A: Sexual pleasure.

Q: Will it work on my computer/emulator?
A: Go ahead and test it.

Q: I hosted and my IP address is but how come my friend can't connect?/How do I get my IP?
A: is the loopback ip address. I.e. it will always point to your own computer. So someone on the internet or even your local network can't connect on the internet to you using this IP address. To connect you will need your external IP address which can be seen on "your ip" page.

Q: Does it give any advantage to low pingers over high pingers like normal kaillera?
A: No. Ping a.k.a. latency can be seen as a network property between 2 endpoints. There are only 2 endpoints in p2p and hence both users share the same ping.

Q: How do I change my connection setting to "GOOD" connection setting?
A: You can't! By default, it behaves like "LAN" on kaillera. If you are having lag spike problems, an option to allow for one extra frame delay to smooth the game out further has been added and is configurable by host.

Q: Does host have any advantage? How is host different to connector?
A: No. Host is obviously the one who is connected to. Host has the privilage of taking certain initiatives such as calculating average ping and throughput but nothing special. Client's clock also gets synchronized emit the same time as host. On the negative side, host needs to have the hosting port forwarded in firewalls and routers so the connector can connect. Once the game starts, both behave identically.

Q: Does host have to fill in the "Peer IP" box?
A: No. Thats the only box the connector has to fill in. Host has to fill in everything else.

Q: How do I find opponents? Does it have a lobby?
A: That part is mainly left to the user. However, due to popular demands, a vary limited "waiting games list" has been added and is accessable from "Connect" tab in P2P mode of the client. To enlist games in that waiting games list, the "S: Public" checkbox must be enabled aftrer hosting.

Q: I cant see any waiting games.
A: It could be because there are no waiting games available which are made public by their host. The system is really new unknown to most of the kaillera players so there is a good possibility that noone is hosting anything.

Q: I did all that but people cant see my game.
A: The most probable reason for this is if you don't have your hosting ports forwarded. By default, port is 27886/UDP must be forwarded to be able to host games.

Q: Can I play 3 players?
A: Unfortunately no. Use standard kaillera servers/clients which support up to 8 players per game.

Q: How does it's delay compare to kaillera?
A: The delay in it is vary close to half of the ping between the users (RTT/2) whereas the delay in normal kaillera should converge to ping between the user and server (again RTT) as higher connection settings are used. Note that kaillera as well as most of the emulators who incorporate kaillera are discrete implementations and they works in terms of whole frames (typically and assumed to be 16.66667 ~ 17 ms) instead of fractions.

Q: This isn't good enough! I want even lower response delay!
A: Lucky for you, there is a netplay service called GGPO which guarantees single frame response delay.

Q: Is this better than X or Y and Z?
A: Well, nothing beats trying it out yourself to find out.

Q: I want to use/modify/steal your sourcecode!
A: By all means, help yourself.

Q: When will be the next update?
A: Well, we cant guarantee anything but if you have bugs you want fixed or issues or suggestions, let us know and we'll keep them in mind.

Q: Why are my games always choppy when I use this?
A: The connection between you and your peer isn't that consistant. Use the "an additional frame delay to smooth out gameplay further" option when playing this peer.

Q: How come my buttons don't register at times?
A: If its not a system related issue, it could either be caused by spikes in latency or you didn't press the button long enough or hard enough for your emulator/game/input peripheral to register.

Q: I have more questions, where do I ask them?
A: Post them here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=135447


Latest stable/unstable: kailleraclient.dll
Last updated: April 24 2020 17:02:47.

In development/bleeding edge stuff

WARNING: Files in this section are updated way too often and is intended for testing. Builds may not be stable.

WARNING: Some modules may require you to have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

Last updated: April 24 2020 17:00:39.
This is our p2p irc chat module.
Size: 64678 bytes
Last updated: April 24 2020 17:00:40.
This is our W.I.P. client. Minimum system requirement: Windows xp sp1.
Size: 184320 bytes
Last updated: April 24 2020 17:00:40.
This is our recorder module. It records game data as ".krec" files(super compresed KRC1 format...not compatible old KRC0 format). Work on this module is complete.
Size: 74752 bytes


To install :

To uninstall:

How to use

The useage is really simple. One person hosts and the other person connects. Once connected, the game will start as soon as both users mark themselvs ready. The only complicated part in using this is configuring your machine to host. Hosting is similar to running a server and hence the port used must be forwarded in routers and enabled in any type of firewalls used. The default port used is 27886 and is configurable by host. Port forwarding is not necessary for the connector or if the user is connected directly to the internet.

Main things to note about the latest version would be the "Change Mode" drop down menu:

By default, when the kaillera is activared, it should load in "Client" mode. Althou it looks a bit odd, this mode is substitute for the normal kaillera client. To access servers list, press the "Master server list" button. The list wont refresh automatically and you must press the refresh button to download and ping servers. Althou it seems like we are trying to make you click too much, most of these buttons are fitted with a corresponding accelators. Pressing alt key down should cause particular letters on button labels to be underlined and pressing alt + that letter would have the same effect as pressing that button. IMPORTANT: For the create game menu, right click on games list.

Note that the "Change Mode" list is marked when the program initially loads. You can simply press 1 to switch to P2P or 3. To switch to recorder playback mode. The recorder playback mode enlists all the recorded games and allows you to play your recorded game as if you were playing. This is simply achieved by resimulating kaillera activity and hence functionalities like rewind, fast forward or pause arent available.

You can access the waiting games list under "Connect" tab on p2p mode. And you must be hosting and have the "S: Public" checkbox to have your game listed there. Note that your game will most likely not appear on people's list unless you have port forwarded the port you hosted your game which is 27886/UDP by default.

Here is an excelent tutorial by A_Rival
Another guide
Another Guide(VID)


Source of the latest version is available here.

n02 source useage

Your IP

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Delay calculator

Little bit like the home loan calculator but it calculates delay on kaillera. Try changing the values to suit you and find your response delay =)

for Emulinker and EmulinkerSF servers, input the ping of the worst person in your game